An issue that stops many new marketers before they get started is choosing the correct niche market. I published an earlier article explaining that, even without extensive niche research, there is still lots of opportunity in the big three markets of health, wealth, and relationships. Notwithstanding that, there is undoubtedly opportunity lurking in obscure niche markets. And, you, may not be interested in one of the big three. Your passions lie elsewhere and we’ve all been told, at one time or another, “do what you love and the money will follow.”

There IS money and opportunity lurking in obscure niches, but there are a lot more obscure niches where nothing lurks but frustration and disappointment.

Choosing the right market is essential to online success. For every ONE person who hits online jack-pot, a dozen others continue to stumbling blindly month after month until they quit. Many of these beginners put in huge efforts and never reach the success they imagined. Maybe you’re one of these people. Have you followed recommended traffic generation strategies and seen small or non-existent growth in your list? Does it seem like you’ll never turn the corner from spending money to making money online?

The dream of business success, for many, often dies, stillborn, never having had the chance to grow. Meanwhile, others, following the same traffic techniques, see lists grow, money pour, and strong business growth within months. What makes the difference? Blind luck? In some cases, yes. But by luck or not, successful niche marketers found a niche with passionate buyers ready to respond to the right solution (your product). The difference is finding the right niche for YOU. It may not be (and probably isn’t) the niche you feel passionate about.

So, what’s the big deal about finding niche markets? Google “best niche markets” and you’ll find a ton of FREE information, headed by an excellent Squidoo article. Why pay anything for a ‘niche locating’ product? Well, there are two excellent reasons to pay for the right product. The #1 reason is Expertise/mentoring and, related to that is the question, “What’s your time worth?”

There IS a ton of free information available. In fact all the information you need to successfully build an online marketing business is available at no cost, somewhere online. But if you’re like me, it’s not immediately obvious what’s most important, how best to apply the information, and how different applications or techniques may fit together for optimal effect.

Let me give you an example. I’m a Math tutor. Every student I’ve ever had has had all necessary information for success in their math course freely available to them. They’ve had text-books which lay out, in an orderly way, with full explanations, everything they need to succeed (get a high mark). But they’re not succeeding. They need a tutor; a mentor, someone that can see what they’re missing and help them apply it. They need Expertise.

Another example: all the information to put together a basic blog like this one is available, free, online. I accessed that information, but despite that took DAYS learning how put together a rudimentary blog (Yes, I am a bit SLOW), something I do now in less than 1/2 an hour. Valuing my time at a measly $10/hour, I could have spent $300 bucks or more on a product to lead me, in a detailed way, through the process and still come out ahead financially. There are good products that do exactly that for less than $50.00. In retrospect, not buying such a product, not taking advantage of Expertise, was a big mistake. I should have leveraged the expertise that was inexpensively available.

Perhaps you realize this, but have had the experience of ordering something that sounded good, then received re-packaged garbage. Me too. So what is the right product? Look for expertise and reputation. A dependable money back guarantee doesn’t hurt either. Once you’ve found a trustworthy expert, look at the content in relation to your needs now. Spending money on a product that focuses on your specific present need (finding the best niche for YOU) is a lot wiser investment than purchasing a wonderful product that does a dozen and one things, including what you need (ever purchased a marketing product and been either distracted or overwhelmed by the information received?).

If you value your time, and all successful marketers do, save yourself days, weeks or even months of misdirected effort by finding the right product to target you into your matching niche. There are undoubtedly a number of good products that will do this. You can investigate the best one that I’ve found by checking out the link in my Resource Box below. What’s your time worth?