This morning while I prepared for work I listened as my coffee maker slowly dripped water through the aromatic grounds waiting for my daily nirvana fix. Opening the door I saw the nightly raindrops slide to the ground from the moisture laden tree leaves. Our ever playful and faithful dog sat at my feet drooling in anticipation of his morning treat. If I believed in signs, which I do, it would appear that drips would somehow have an appearance in my writing today. So be it.

What does dripping have to do with marketing ideas? Drip marketing is not about coffee, rain or anticipatory drool. Drip marketing is a strategy that involves sending out several promotional pieces over a period of time to a subset of sales leads. Sounds rather lackluster in terms of a marketing strategy when described like that doesn’t it? In reality drip marketing is an enormously successful marketing strategy.

Most marketing campaigns are based on a sell/produce basis which means the organization advertising expects results immediately. With drip marketing the idea is to keep potential and existing clients interested over the long term.

Remy McDonald & Associates used drip marketing for years. As a top producing real estate team they achieved that honor through hard work and drip marketing. From the beginning Remy knew where she wanted to concentrate her advertising dollars. In the cutthroat marketplace of real estate she knew the only way to get ahead of the competition was to have her name be recognized above all others in the neighborhood.

The best thing about drip marketing is it requires a plan of action. By creating this plan and following it throughout the year you can guarantee that you will be consistent with your marketing over the long term.

Every year in January Remy would determine 12 monthly marketing campaign messages. Month to month homeowners in the area would receive a direct mail or email piece with helpful hints, current market statistics and contact information. Her website and social media sites conveyed the same message. By using drip marketing this way when a potential client had need for the team’s services they remembered Remy McDonald & Associates before any other. While other agents struggled to keep afloat, Remy and her group were consistently busy. The return on investment was through the roof.

Smart marketers know there is a need to stay in touch with current and prospective clients in order for them to purchase from you. There are way too many competitors out there, not to. If you only market your message once you will be forgotten as soon as a competitor captures the public’s interest. If you market only twice your message may start to catch on but you have not yet “hooked” the public’s attention. If you market three or more times to the same set of people your chances of being foremost in their minds when it comes time to use or purchase what your business offers grows exponentially.

Not too long ago Remy was persuaded to try a type of sell/produce marketing strategy for a while. Her younger and more tech savvy team members convinced Remy that drip marketing was passé. Within three months the team noticed more and more competitors garnering local clients. Within six months only half the potential client base Remy had built up used her services from the same time the previous year. After nine months of sell/produce marketing Remy would meet people around town and hear “didn’t you used to..”

Changing marketing strategies cost Remy more than marketing dollars. It cost her and her team income, status and reputation.

This year every person in the town where Remy McDonald and Associates hang their shingle knows once again where to turn for their real estate needs. Incoming business is through the roof and profits are raining all over the place. All thanks to drip marketing.