This article is going to address a question most-often asked by new internet network marketers as well as some experienced online network marketers alike. What are the best network marketing systems or strategies, for real?

I personally believe the real answer is “It depends.”

It depends on what kind of marketer we are, what opportunity and products we are promoting, as well as how skillful we are in each of the marketing tactics.

One thing the top internet marketers are doing is INTEGRATION. They integrate several or more marketing tactics together, and make them into a SYSTEM. But most other marketers are just USING several tactics, without integrate all tactics into one big, united marketing campaign. It is possibly because most of marketers treat each strategy like a stand-alone campaign.

That’s why top marketers nowadays teach all these marketing tactics. Since few of them will teach people how to integrate, they aren’t really creating any competition anyway. Well, we just can’t blame them. Because when it comes to the integration of strategies, it’s like creating an art piece. A piece that’s unique only to its creator, and is probably unique to that one opportunity it’s purposely built for, too.

That’s why we can sometimes see a marketer, who’s familiar with every tactic available, is still ranking far below the top league.

Another possible reason is that some internet marketers tend to think online marketing is new, fancy, or advanced, so they think it’s different from “traditional” marketing and don’t pay attention to old-school tactics. They forget that in the roots, marketing is still marketing, all the principles that work offline will work online too. Because marketing is focused on human beings, and human beings don’t become something else when they go online.

Also, when I mentioned that it depends on what kind of marketer we are, I’m referring to how we think as entrepreneurs. Do we have the correct mindset? Because this is more important than mastering all the marketing strategies out there. The attitude we have toward whatever business we are doing, and toward ourself, will determine the results we get. Period. Anything else just comes in second.

By now you might feel it’s not as easy as you hoped, and feel that there’s still a long way to go. Don’t get discouraged. Think positively. It’s better to know how far we have to go before we can succeed, rather than having wrong assumptions and wasting our time heading toward the wrong direction. Hey, if making money is really that easy, we’d all be rich already. One step at a time will certainly get us where we want to be. No pain, no gain. Right? =)

I hope this article can help cure the “best network marketing strategies” symptoms. We’ve been bombarded by this term, and other similar sales pitches, for way too long. And people really should get that lazy thinking out of their mind so they can stop wasting time and start to make things happen. When something gets started, it’s already half way done. So let us take this first step together, and charge forward!