Static Caravans, although associated with terms not very well seen by the middle class such as gypsy and poverty, are proving to the world their true values and characters. The static caravan market in the UK have been growing by the year and this accomplishment did not come due to luck or trend. Mobile home caravans have significant benefits to families in which enjoys holidays abroad with the comfort of home. They also are extremely beneficial, financially wise, to the owners that are seeking more and more to broaden their possibilities in the static caravan market.

The recession have hit the UK pretty badly and there is no question about that. Spending cuts and economic changes are set to occur with the new government that took over parliament and therefore the whole British community has been affected. One of the most negatively affected industries is the holiday industry in which realized that people were willing to save more than spend it on holidays abroad. One of the alternatives in which the public found to relief themselves were the caravans.

More and more Britons have gone to caravan holidays over the past two years and consequently the interest towards these types of holidays grew. Camping sites in which allow caravans were a major hit over the past summer and for the slightest second during the month of August, Britain embarked on the nostalgic feel of the 1960’s and many people felt they were actually there. Caravan lets had a hugely positive financial returns and enticed a change on the holiday industry.

Static caravans were also a massive hit as they posses qualities in which other types of holidays do not. Their exterior appearance are extremely inviting and approachable therefore adding up comforts from home, fixed caravans are being demanded by tourists and visitors. Normally set in amicable camping sites near natural beauties and outdoor freedoms, static caravans including double-glazed windows, electric stoves, comfortable beds, separate living areas and technology comforts such as Wi-Fi and digital TV are very interesting to busy families with children that would much rather relax in a caravan of this type than in a busy summer expensive European city.

Investors have also realized the benefits of static caravans as the demand for manufacturing of those types of caravans increased during the year of 2010. By investing on fixed caravans, a good return of investment can be made by renting the caravans throughout the year long while also been used for personal purposes during the summer or which ever time of the year is best for the owner. Not only static caravans are budget friendly and rather easy to be requested for a letting or a renting, but they also are a great investment regarding the amount for the property, tax and regulation costs. Static caravan for sale in Wales, coastal England and southern European countries have been regulars on magazines and internet ads.