Marketing is the heart of any business. Without marketing, even a highest-cost business fails to succeed. Marketing includes a lot of aspects from the production phase to the selling phase of the product. Traditional marketing has long been the employed method for the marketing of a product. But with the evolution of electronics, the world has become a ‘global village’, concentrating the whole mass of the world right in your computer, television and other electronic means. Each and every business aspect is now done through computers and internet. All fields of life uses internet for their desired purpose and similarly, the marketing. Marketing done through electronic means is termed as E-Marketing. This includes marketing though television, email, and sometimes cell phones also. In this article we will look at some of the aspects of E-Marketing.

More accurately, E-Marketing refers to marketing using internet. E-Marketing can decrease your cost of marketing up to several times than traditional marketing. This is because, you don’t need to go to each and every home, knocking the door, and explaining about your product. At the same time, you save a lot of time by just preparing an excellent invitation and sending it to millions of customers and people around the world right in their inboxes. This also decreases the headache of several problems that may arise otherwise.

There are many business models employed in Internet Marketing. These models include lead-based websites, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, local internet marketing and so on. E-commerce is the direct sale from business to consumer or from business to business. Publishing is sale of advertisement. Affiliate marketing is the production of the product by one person and selling of it is done by others by affiliating with the producer. Black hat marketing is wrong or spam means of marketing by putting unwanted emails in your inbox, enforcing you to read those emails. Clocking within search engine page is also done in Black hat marketing. Transferring the website visitor to undesired or unasked page is also an important part of Black hat marketing.

In fact, very less or negligible amount of fraudulent means of marketing are employed in E-Marketing, and a greater portion of E-Marketing consist of only desired or asked emails from different questionnaires or forums. You can display the type of emails you want to receive and the type of products you are interested in.