Nowadays, it will take me ONLY 30 minutes or less to find a niche market. It is used to be quite a huge task for me to find a niche market. I always pondered, how I can start building my campaign without a niche market?

Initially, I hated the fact that I could not get a niche market for myself but not anymore… With the knowledge that I have equipped myself with, I can find a niche market easily and start the process to make money out of it immediately.

Now, If you are reading this, I believe that you are facing the same problem that I used to have. Whether you are a newbie or have dabbled quite a while in affiliate marketing, I understand your problem.

I understand because I used to have the same problem in finding a niche market when I decided to brave myself into affiliate marketing jungle a couple of years ago.

I sense that you also know that lots of affiliate marketers are struggling to look for a niche market. A niche market where they can start earning money from and MOST importantly, if they are doing article marketing, they can start choosing the relevant keywords and start writing articles immediately.In this article, I will be sharing with you on 3 ways to find a niche market for you to start with in affiliate marketing with a right foot. I truly hope that.

For me there are 3 primary objectives for finding a niche from the perspective of affiliate marketing:

  1. A niche which is profitable.
  2. Are the products or services available in the affiliate networks?
  3. Is there a money back guarantee from the merchants for the product or service that I would like to be affiliated with?

Since, affiliate marketing is a series of process right from finding a niche market to getting sales, set a time frame when you are looking for a niche. At my current level, I have set a time-frame of 30 minutes to find a new niche market for myself. You should do the same too.

The 3 ways to find a niche market:

  1. Go to In my opinion, this is the first place you should go to look for a niche market. Once you are in, you would see there are many categories. Without any serious thinking done, I simply clicked on Sports->Shopping>Varied Merchandise> Surprisingly, the has an affiliate program. For your information, is a company selling all types of balls that you can think of from golf,basketball, baseball, hockey and many others. Now you can do the same thing too. You can dig into other categories and within minutes you can get few niches for you start with. An added suggestion for you is that if you are doing affiliate marketing after your working hours, then it is my advise for you that you focus one niche at a time. After you can see some sales coming in, then you can start with a new marketing campaign for a new product or perhaps related to the earlier niche. So, in the example above, the next campaign could be another niche related to, perhaps you can sell jerseys,neck guard, helmet, shin guards, customized golf club and many others. This is how you can dominate your market.
  2. Affiliate Networks: There is another method to look for a niche market which is to do product based search in affiliate networks like ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction. In the ClickBank, for example, there are many categories you can start with. Just click in any of the categories without over-analyzing and within seconds or minutes you will be amazed with the results that you have.
  3. Free Tools. Now, let say you still do not have a niche to promote for unknown reasons. Then, you can go to the below:
    1. Google Trends
    2. Amazons

Now, if I go to Google Trends, there are a list of 10 hot topics and 10 hot searches. If you see any of the hot topics or hot searches that are of interesting to you, you can then look for a product in the affiliate networks.

Similarly, you can also go to Amazons and to find a niche.
Honestly, I really hope that you can find a niche within 30 minutes or less. If you have NOT started with a niche market before, my advise to you is to never over-analyze. That was a mistake I done. Learn by doing it. The more you learn by doing it, the more you can advance yourself in affiliate marketing.

Remember, when you ride your bicycle for the first time, was it a smooth ride for the first time?

You have to make mistakes in order to succeed. It is only how fast you learn from each mistakes which will determine how far you can go in affiliate marketing and in life.

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