When we need a goods lift, what is the first choice come to our minds? Traction goods elevator? A chain hoist? In this article, we will introduce to you a better solution—-hydraulic goods lift and how to buy from China Himor lift.


As we all know that hydraulic system is durable and economic solution for goods, cargo, pallets, forklifts and even cars lifting. Why we choose this type goods lift rather than other types? Here are some basic reasons for your reference.


1. It is goods only lift

Goods only lifts are for carrying goods, cargo, pallets, truck or other items only. People cannot take the goods lifts to upper floors. In Chinese special equipment policy, hydraulic lifts are goods lift only and do not allow to equip control panels in the platform cabin.


2. Durable Goods Lifting mechanism

It’s lifting method is to lift the platform by cylinder, chain, steel ropes and steel structure. When the electric cabinet gives signal to the pump station, it will press the hydraulic oil into oil tubes and then arrive in pistons. Then pistons stretch out to lift the platform together with the leaf chain and wire ropes.


3. Durable Steel Structure

Hydraulic goods lift platform is normally only a steel structure and open platform. We call these steel structure vertical lead rails. These lead rails connect to the working platform by chains, wire ropes and hydraulic pistons. It’s structure customization is more flexible. If customer request for full cabin, safety enclosure, or landing doors, we all can make design and give many options for clients to choose from. Most difference of structure is cabin size. We can make a hydraulic lift platform size more than 10 meters.


4. Heavy duty Cargo loading Capacity


Hydraulic lift platforms are heavy duty featured, and Himor’s design can reach 500kg to 10ton. As long as the installation space is enough, we can design the lift accordingly. Sometimes people use the platform to lift up truck with some goods. In this case, the capacity needs to be truck self weight plus the goods capacity it carries. If the capacity is so much big, we will add anti-drop device under the platform. This safety design gives clients more confidence for using the lift carrying heavy duty items.


5. Customized Lifting Platform height

Because of sea freight container length, the biggest height of goods lift we produce is under 30 meters. This height is around 7 floors. From this point of view, people needs to use a traction motor cargo elevator in stead of a hydraulic type lift, if the lifting height is more than 30 meters.


6. Low hydraulic goods lift price

Distinguished from capacity and platform size, there are 2 posts type cargo lift platform and 4 posts type cargo lift platform. Obviously, the 2 posts type lifts are cheaper than 4 posts lifts. Also the prices are different because of lifting height, capacity, platform size and other optional configurations. Himor’s prices for such lift platforms are from 2,000 us dollars to 20,000 us dollars. In a word, hydraulic lifts prices are much cheaper compared with passenger elevators. Sometime it is no more than half costs if same heights. Also the installation charge and maintenance charge of hydraulic cargo lifts are pretty much lower. In cities, labor charges are the biggest cost among different industries.


7. Easier Installation

Hydraulic cargo lifts are wall mounted only lifts. When clients can find some position to fix the lifts at some heights by steel fixing parts, it will be easy to install. Although we need to fix the lift on concreted ground or in a concreted pit, we do not need to make a machine room for them. People can install the lift in warehouse, mezzanine floors, shops, plants, workshops and home etc. We can install them both interior and exterior the building. We use shot blasting and spray plastic material handling technology to insure the lift surface is durable. The painting can resist on the steel structure surface very well. Also we apply IP65 electric cabinet and cover the pump station in steel box. Most of Himor’s lifts parts are assembled before delivery. Like the platform, chains, wire ropes, position limit switches and electric lines. These help customers install the lift more easily.


8. Easier Maintenance

People only need to take less time to do maintenance jobs of hydraulic lifts. Like checking with the chains, wire ropes, and change hydraulic oil half a year. These basic maintenance jobs can be done by normal workers and electricians. Abroad clients can follow our lift maintenance manual to do the daily maintenance jobs easily. When meet any difficulties, Himor provides online or email after-service support consultation, even if the lift warranty has expired.


Himor Lift owns small goods lifts, cargo elevators and heavy duty freight lifts three basic types vertical cargo lifts. Welcome to visit us and contact for hydraulic goods lift cooperation.