The way your body burns is like a hot, scorching fire. As long as the fire burns very hot, you will need additional fuel to keep it going. Also, the fire will continue to burn up a significant amount of fuel as long as it is big and hot. This is comparable to your body. You may eat more food (fuel) to keep your body running the more active you are.

Your body’s capacity to burn calories will depend on how much muscle you have. Even while you are at rest, lean muscle burns calories. Just to stay alive, lean muscle burns fat. You will burn more calories if you have more lean muscle.

Maintaining and/or gaining lean muscle mass is necessary to keep the “fire” of fat burning “hot.” We typically lose muscle mass at a pace of half a pound every year as we mature into adulthood. Weight gain results from losing muscle mass because our metabolism slows down to preserve energy.

These problems are addressed in two ways by the 6 Week Body Makeover: body shaping and eating the appropriate meals to keep muscle. You don’t have to work yourself to death at the gym to get body contouring. You don’t want to put on more muscle than is necessary. Body sculpting, on the other hand, focuses on adding and reshaping muscles in the places you want to maintain tight and toned by focusing on particular problem areas.

Another technique to boost your metabolism is by eating the correct nutrients, which help you burn calories more quickly. Many individuals may not consume enough of the ideal nutrients to support their maintenance of lean muscle. Certain diets will in fact cause you to lose muscle.

The body transformation diet touches on a few of these subjects. Keep in mind that your metabolism functions like a fire, and you must be cautious about the fuel you consume to maintain the fire’s heat. For more details mk 677