The rise of digital publishing has made it easier than ever to make money writing eBooks. Not only that, but you can often make more per copy than you would if you self-published through print-on-demand services like Createspace and Lulu. Here’s how to do it

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1) Find a Profitable Niche

The first thing you want to do is identify a profitable niche. A profitable niche is one that has an audience and some type of market demand. Next, you’ll want to find the most popular eBook in your niche and use it as a model. If there are no popular books on the topic, then see if there’s any free or cheap content out there that can be turned into an eBook.

2) Research Keywords

How can you make money writing an eBook? Here are five ways you can make money writing and publishing an eBook.
-Publish your work on Kindle Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s self-publishing platform, which allows authors to publish their own books in the Kindle Store. The store features more than one million titles including New York Times bestsellers and new releases.

3) Write to a Specific audience

If you’re an excellent writer, then eBooks may be a lucrative career option for you. People who publish online can save money and, like musicians, today, bypass large and established companies. But just as with traditional publishing, success depends on sales.

4) Create a Professional Cover

A professional cover helps potential readers know that your eBook is legitimate and worth their time. If you’re not a graphic designer, there are many online services that can help you create a professional cover for your eBook. Or, if you have some graphic design skills, try designing the cover yourself.

5) Promote Your eBook

You’ve written the book, now it’s time to promote it. The first step is to write a press release that includes an overview of your book, quotes from people who have read it, and any other relevant information. Then post it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Reach out to bloggers and ask them if they would be interested in reviewing your book. Attend events that would be interested in discussing your topic.