Make money online marketing is simple. In reality there is no need to turn to complex or unknown ideas to make money online but instead focus on what really works in internet marketing and seo. Internet is a big marketplace where opportunities to make money online are more realistic if you just follow the following 5 steps. So what are these 5 steps to make money online marketing?

Step 1 – Identify money making opportunities

Brainstorm how you could earn money online and search for the most well known and effective activities that make money used with internet marketing. Some powerful ideas to search on the internet are:

– Article marketing


– Affiliate marketing

– Blog marketing

– Advertising

– Writing reviews for other blogs or websites

– E-commerce or e-business

– Creating online directories

– Social media

Step 2 – Decide which methods you will use to monetize your marketing efforts and earn cash

Identify and gather information on the internet for free about which ways will you use to earn money. Being a newbie to internet marketing or SEO the idea to make money online has difficulties. You cannot focus on all the above tasks and perform well in terms or revenues and sales. It is a better idea to focus on a few ones then try alternative internet marketing ideas to make money online. Of course in any business diversification in marketing may be useful.

Step 3 – Evaluate possible risks in business and marketing

When it comes to make money online with internet marketing there are many risks. Some of them are a failed business strategy, wasted time and effort, lack of detailed marketing plan, not extensive or effective use of SEO strategies, more costs than income earned. Most of all are the efforts worth the time and energy spent? Are you evaluating the risk of not achieving your business or make money goals? Is failure an option or not if competition is tough at your online market or niche?

Step 4 – Record your make money research findings and implement them immediately

What is the first and most crucial step in internet marketing and seo? Keyword research and profitability analysis. After having made a thorough keyword research to support your business strategy it is time to take action. Build links, increase page rank, use social media to spread your authority, apply internet marketing techniques such as email marketing, social media, social bookmarking or blog marketing. Keep it simple but practice what really works to make money online marketing. Have a business plan and stick to it trying to improve it. Internet and business change, are not static. Even life changes!

Step 5 – Review your internet marketing plan and update it often

Lets face it. Top rankings in search engines will help you without any doubt in online marketing. But rankings such as life change all the time. A need to keep update with latest SEO tips and techniques or social media news and trends is essential. When you run an internet business such as a blog reviewing latest internet marketing techniques will not only help you establish a long and residual business strategy but will also help you grow and expand your business. It is not necessary to use all possible internet marketing techniques but instead have an idea of how internet and trends change. For example in this severe financial crisis an e-commerce website focusing on reduced prices with top quality is a sure marketing and sales winner. Not to mention the many links that you will attract and will help you in your SEO rankings.

Who said that these 5 steps to make money online marketing you cannot become an internet business superstar? Keep it simple and build your internet business on ethics and trust. Have a blog on the internet that will help you establish an online business presence. Apply the above 5 steps in marketing. And earn money out of them!