A lot of sales pages miss the mark because the copywriter doesn’t answer some of the basic questions a customer will have when reading your sales page. If there are too many questions unanswered instead of contacting you to find out more, your customer is more likely to find a business that does answer them instead. So make sure you bear in mind the following questions when you’re either writing your own sales page, or hiring someone to write it for you.

What exactly are you selling?

Sometimes people actually focused too much on the benefits of their service without explaining what exactly it is that they are selling. It’s very important to be clear about your product, offer or service. Let them know the details of what they will receive, is it a digital product, an online course, is it one on one coaching? Remove the mystery of what they are buying and you start building trust.

Why should I be interested?

Now this is where you talk about the benefits of your product and how they relate to your target market. Be as specific as possible. Why should that particular person be interested in what you have to sell? Perhaps you offer a dog grooming product and you know your ideal customer is the owner of a dog grooming service. They would be interested to know that their dog is going to get VIP treatment when it goes in for grooming at your salon. Answer the question of why your customer should care about your product and you’ll keep their interest.

Why should I trust you?

People buy from those they like, know and trust, so show them that they can trust you. Include a guarantee, explain what your credentials are, show a picture of yourself or give an address to your business office so that people know you exist and are not a faceless company.

How do I know it works?

If you can show before or after results, this will answer this important question. Alternatively you might have testimonials or case studies from other happy customers that you can include on your sales page. These all add to the proof that what your offering works.

What happens when I buy?

Let them know how they can make a payment, and whether they receive their product straight away, or if there is an initial consultation. Managing expectations this way not only increases trust, it also makes a smoother customer journey once they do buy.

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