Throughout the past three years on the internet, I have tested and endless amount of marketing products, strategies and tools to get the most out of my business. And that is what I am going to share with you today!

The three things that I am going to share with you CANNOT work by themselves. They must be combined for maximum results.

1. Piece number one is your capture page. You must have a way to get potential customers into the marketing funnel, and that is by collecting their name, email address and if possible their phone numbers.

The more people that you can get into your marketing funnel, the bigger your “list” of subscribers will be which in turn will give you more people to market your products and your opportunity to. This is my opinion is where most people struggle in their business.

2. Piece number two of the MLM marketing funnel is your autoresponder. This is honestly the internet marketers best friend and this is how you see so many people being able to create income while they sleep. It is pretty much a secret weapon that everyone already knows about.

An autoresponder is simple a tool that allows you to upload your marketing messages and lets you to set the sequence at which they are going to be delivered to the list of subscribers that you have generated with your capture page. Staying connected with and building a relationship with your prospects is hands down the best way to build a solid business.

Short and sweet it is the way that we allow ourselves to have the freedom and automate the process of delivering a message to our audience.

3. Piece number three is a product. You have to have a product to sell if you ever actually plan on having a business. As simple and obvious as that sounds many people fail to really put any time and energy into really creating or finding a product that their market really wants.

It is definitely worth the time to really research your market and decide what products that you want to be promoting in your marketing funnel. It will make a world of difference in the amount of money that you start generating. The more precise you can define what your subscribers want, the longer they will stay on your list and the more products they will buy.