Internet network marketing represents an exciting and revolutionary future for network marketers.

Up until around the year 2000, building a network business relied upon the old school methods of first being invited to an opportunity meeting by a friend, co-worker, or family member. If you joined, you were coached to immediately put together a warm market list, and then to approach everybody ob your list with your opportunity.

Success was built on the simple concept of getting people to attend an opportunity meeting, signing them up, and then motivating them to duplicate what you just did. And for 50 years, this worked for some. Sadly, most of us lost interest and quit in frustration within weeks of joining once we had exhausted our warm market contacts.

Thanks to the Internet, and various online marketing methodologies, network marketing has seen a resurgence in the home based business arena as more and more people recognize the potential for attracting prospects from well beyond their warm market or immediate circle of influence.

Internet network marketing uses a variety of online marketing tools, such as email marketing, blogging, and sharing of video, webinars, and updates via social media. However, while online marketing is a great way to spread the word about your opportunity, there may be a steep learning curve involved for newbies to the game. If you are new to the concept of Internet network marketing, here are three lessons I had to learn the hard way:

First, make sure everything you plan to implement online is permissible by your host company. Most network marketing companies now offer websites and video presentations of their opportunity, but the strategies you employ to drive traffic to your online opportunity may be strictly controlled.

For example, if your host company offers an email marketing component, it may frown on distributors sending out unsolicited emails in its name. Most companies are also very protective of their respective logos and trademarks, and may slap penalties on distributors who use these trademarked properties on various social media sites, blogs, and other online sites.

Read and understand the terms of use and privacy policies published by your host company. And when in doubt, don’t take action before getting clearance.

Second, building your network marketing opportunity online can become expensive. Know your costs of doing business and understand the costs versus projected benefits for any paid marketing campaign you may implement.

For example, there are numerous websites that will sell business opportunity leads to you, and these prices may range from $1 each, up to $20 each. In my experience, most of the less expensive leads never panned out. But that’s just my experience. Guard your wallet jealously, and use due diligence before spending any money for leads, email campaigns, and pay per click advertising.

That said, if you are experienced with paid online advertising, a well thought out marketing campaign can exponentially increase your exposure to the network marketing community overnight.

Finally, don’t think of building your business online as an excuse not to meet people and interact with prospects on a personal level. Remember, the keyword in network marketing is, “network.”

During the foundation stages of building my business, I used a combination of blogging and email marketing to create a buzz and drive traffic to my host company’s opportunity video presentation. I thought the process would be automatic and that each day I would see new members joining my organization. What I didn’t plan was the onslaught of telephone calls I received. It was exciting and profitable, but I quickly learned that no matter how automated or digital I tried to make my business, success still came down to talking to people.

MLM is an exciting home based business opportunity, and in my opinion offers the best chances for the majority of people to make money from home. Take the time to learn about Internet network marketing, and incorporate online marketing into your overall strategy for building your home business.